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Lipomas can occur in numerous areas of the body. The particularity is that these tumors in different locations also need to be operated on in very different and customized ways. The reason is, on one hand, the respective special anatomical situation, with surgical attention and preservation of nerves, blood and lymph vessels, muscles, and other tissues. On the other hand, the tissue structure of lipomas also varies according to the body regions in which they occur. These tumors can be "butter-soft" in some cases, while in other cases, they can be strongly fibrous or "scarred," making their removal more challenging.
I have created descriptions and added appropriate photos exemplarily for the most important body regions. All the patients shown have kindly granted me permission to publish these photos anonymously (without any personal reference) so that those affected can have an easier time making decisions for or against surgery based on them. Therefore, I ask all readers of this website to consider such photos and permission grants with the corresponding respect.

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