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Modelling of the Knees

Do you feel utterly dismayed when you see your swollen knees? Well you’re not alone, because countless women suffer as much as you do.

Perhaps you have already had an appointment with a competent and well-known plastic surgeon about your knees, just to be informed that one cannot do anything to rectify the problem.

Perhaps, you should not dismay. Perhaps you should consider consulting our practice, since I have successfully examined, enlightened and operated on many women who suffer as a result of this issue These individuals usually suffer from knee ailments, when their shape and contouring is concealed by considerable, frequently enhanced deposits of fat. Often the kneecap is not clearly visible and cannot be felt by touch. Quite often, one cannot recognize the upper definition of the knee, nor the kneecap tendon, which is a very important structure in aesthetically appealing knees. This is attributable to the excessive and abundant deposits of fat within the tissue.

Nonetheless, it is possible to model all the aesthetically important structures around the knee joint, in addition to the treatment of profuse fatty tissue around the knee. Many surgeons are not prepared to dedicate the time, nor the effort since it is time consuming and costly. Moreover, the surgeon should have a clear and precise visual image of the knee’s ideal shape or form and function. As a result of the fact that I have had many years of experience and education, in a German orthopedic trauma unit of a university clinic – I feel confident enough to help you overcome your problem.

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The Operation

Modelling of the knees can easily be performed under local (so-called tumescent-) anesthesia. The operation itself is hardly painful, but you should expect a certain amount of sensitivity or discomfort to areas during the treatment procedure. Obviously, I have the option of resorting to the use of deep sedation during the operation, in order to alleviate any form of discomfort. However, I seldom feel this is necessary, since the majority of my patients needed nothing more than the tumescent anesthesia. General anesthesia is definitely not necessary and not wanted under ambulant conditions – where we encourage you to walk around after the operation.

Modelling of the Knees

Any knee is highly sensitive, we know that. Therefore, the operative treatment takes place under very careful conditions to consider all those fine structures. An impeccable level of sterility and hygiene is very important. Theoretically, the liposuction cannula could land up within the bursa, that covers nearly the whole part of the knee - from above the kneecap, extending right up to the thigh. That alone is harmless. However, the described bursa is directly connected to the inner space of the knee joint. In case of insufficient sterility during the operation, bacteria could be carried from the surface of the skin right into the bursa and from there into the whole knee joint. Such an infection could be very dangerous and - in the worst case scenarios - could lead to total infectious destruction of the cartilage, followed by arthritis, septic arthrosis and loss of the knee function, along with total knee stiffness as the endpoint of a secondary healing process.

It is no mistake to make such theoretical risks clear to oneself. As a surgeon, one would approach this type of operation more conscientiously and more responsibly. In our immaculately sterile theatre, with sluices for patients, as well as theatre staff and multiple bacterial filters of our theatre’s air condition system, I regard the infection risk as exceptionally low. From the onset of our practice and up to the present day, there has not been a single case of infection . This is attributable to our additional hygienic strategies and safety measures which are strictly controlled and checked regularly. Therefore, we have never ever had a single case of infection in any short or longer operative procedure. I am confident that this cannot be topped.

Which operational procedures can be combined with modelling of the knees?

Most cases of knee lipomatosis are accompanied by a lipomatosis of the inner sides of the thighs, which extends right up to the groin area, and sometimes even to the lower parts of the legs. According to my experience, an additional lipomatosis of the outer thighs might be involved too.

Therefore, the modelling of the knees could well be effectively combined with a liposuction and modelling of the whole inner side of the thighs (the most commonly suctioned region in women). Should the patient desire, this may be combined with liposuction to the outer thighs as well. Then this will extend the operation time to a whole day.

Please read more about this topic on our website‘s PDF-Info under: Downloads >> Liposuction.

What happens after the operation?

After the operation you are supervised and under observation for at least two hours - in our own theatre.

Post-operatively, there is hardly any pain for about two days, because the tumescent anesthesia lasts for about forty-eight hours. From the third day, some mild pain may be experienced – something which may be alleviated by a mild Paracetamol tablet or Ibuprofen. As a result of the extensive, yet careful manipulation around your knees, you will initially feel some stiffness in the area which will subside, during the first post-operative days.

It is advisable that you should not make any plans for the first week after knee modelling , since movements of knees and legs will be slightly impaired. These ailments become milder with each passing day. Every patient needs to be aware that these unpleasant symptoms may last for up to two weeks post-operatively!

Best tip: The more cautious you are during the initial days after the operation, the faster you will recuperate and the faster you will find yourself back into your busy schedule or your normal routine.

Intra- and post-operative pain varies drastically from one individual to the next, despite the identical analgesic or comparable operation techniques, performed by the same surgeon. Please make this clear to yourself.

How is the Contentment after the Operation?

One cannot deny that it is slightly peculiar to witness patients coming back for their 5 day check-up , walking as if they are on egg shells... Their concentration and grimace is due to the manipulation of the knee joint, and this paradoxical manner of walking brings a smile to the patient and doctor’s faces! The discomfort is forgotten once the swelling subsides and the terrific result becomes visible. In fact, none of our patients ever regret having had this operation.

Their increased self-esteem gives me immense joy as their surgeon. The minuscule scars remain slightly reddish for the first year and may be effectively concealed with some makeup, if necessary. After twelve to eighteen months, the scars will barely be visible and one would have to search to find them.

Some of our patients have left comments and feedback on the internet about this op. Unfortunately, you may find them - written only in German – up to now. They are on our Homepage under the section entitled “References“ After that you may click on the logo of one of the medical portals.

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