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"Competence and Quality"
"Competence and Quality"

„The way we look is only one part of us
but exactly that part
that people around us notice first“
Roman Fenkl, MD


Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Welcome to our website. Here you will find information about plastic and cosmetic, as well as reconstructive procedures including tumor surgery performed in our practice.

Eyelid operations, as well as the correction of eye bags of the lower eyelids belong to my favorite specializations. The combination of eyelid-surgery with a midface lift is very suitable to optimize the rejuvenation of the face.

We offer the entire spectrum of breast surgery on a high level, especially breast increase, breast reduction and breast tuck. Breast tumors and breast cancer in cooperation with oncological specialists in our region round up our multiplicity of breast operations.

We live in a world of abundance on one side, but on the other side medicine is continuously forced to save, provide for masses and be as cheap as possible. We however favor highest quality as well as optimized methods for operations and treatments.

This is, what I stand in for with my whole team, to all of our patients.


Yours sincerely,

Roman Fenkl, MD


A number of women suffer from badly formed calves, lower legs and ankles. There is usually no medical cause, but genetic reasons which cause an increased layer of fatty tissue between the skin and musculature.

Any intensive attempt to “train it away” is unsuccessful and will end in frustration. Many women have already been previously operated, without any satisfactory result.

We are highly specialized to form your legs according to aesthetic ideals.

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